Deposit Policy

PRAIRIE FIRE POINTERS will accept deposits on puppies for current litters only.

Our deposit's are $100 unless otherwise specified. Your deposit is non-refundable, & goes toward the purchase price of your pup.

We ask that you notify us with your pick (Male or Female) by the time our litter is at least 5 weeks old of the puppy your are securing with your initial deposit.

We will not refund your deposit if you suddenly have a change of heart, mind, or your other dog ate the puppy money.

If by chance a breeding is unsuccessful, falls through, the litter is lost (miscarried, etc), or is an unplanned and unfortunate event on our end, what we will do, is transfer your deposit towards the purchase price of another litter when one becomes available in the future.

*If you are not ready for this commitment, please do not make a deposit*

IF we carry over a deposit, depending on curent market fluctuations and/or breeding, the price of the next litter may or may not be the same. After 2 years of holding your deposit on litters and you have not picked a puppy, we consider you to default, and we keep the deposit to market the pup/s you didn't pick.

When we receive your deposit you will be placed on a list according to when your deposit was received. (First come, first serve) We will then mail you a receipt for your deposit, a copy of the "Deposit Policy" and where you are at on the list of deposits. (1st, 2nd, 3rd, ect.) We will keep you updated as to the status of the litter via email. Updates and information on our litter will always be available on our website @

We will post pictures of the litter and pups on our website at about a week old and then try to update it weekly. We will do our best to provide both litter pictures and individual pictures of the pups from that litter.

If you want one of the pups from the individual photos, and that one isn't already picked, or someone ahead of you has already made their pick, then that is the one you will take home at 8 weeks. or if you are first on the list, then that pup will be reserved for you.

We ask that you choose your pup as early as possible so the next person in line may choose their pup as well.

Always send as much information about yourself and contact information as possible so we can keep you informed as well as fit you with the right pup.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone we do not wish to sell a puppy to.

PRAIRIE FIRE POINTERS may choose to refund the full amount of the deposit to the buyer, thereby ending any and all obligation to sell the buyer a dog or puppy. We have never had this happen, and we don't think we will ever have to. We pride ourselves on breeding fantastic English Pointers, placing them in loving and nurturing homes, and developing lasting relationships with our clients.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call us at: (620) 615-1606.

Thank You!

Jess & Jessica Stucky