Our Facilities

The welfare of our dogs is of utmost importance to us. We take it very seriously. We want our dogs to have the very best in "Creature Comfort" that we can afford. Our kennel setup is comprised of a fully insulated building that has individual 4' deep by 5' wide kennels inside. Each "area" has a dog den with an accessible top that is handy for stocking with bedding, and for cleaning out old bedding when necessary. Elevated food bowls keep our dogs from straining their necks and joints, as well as assist in proper digestion and posture. I have purchased indoor waterers for each kennel but have not got them hooked up yet. It's on the spring "To do" list. Lol.

Kansas weather is unpredictable at best, so our dogs enjoy the luxury of heat in the winter and air conditioning in the hot summer. Most days you will find them basking in the rays of the sun, or enjoying a nice spring breeze in their 6' by 10' outside kennels. Our dogs can transition from indoors to outdoors via their dog doors. We utilize K-9 Kondo galvanized chew-proof kennel doors for ease of access and durability.

Concrete flooring throughout makes it easy to keep things clean and sanitized. We have the outside pad sloped to ensure proper drainage. And, as I mentioned before, you never know what to expect for weather here, so I made sure to construct a lean-to structure off the side of the kennel building that encompasses the entire run of kennels. This is a nice feature for the dogs. They get plenty of shade in the summer, and it keeps the rain and snow out during inclement weather. 

From whelping puppies in a custom-built whelping box to hosing down and scrubbing kennels daily (weather permitting), we do our best to make sure our dogs are well taken care of. As hard as they work for us, we feel we owe it to them to provide quality conditions to make their time at home as comfortable as possible. Come see for yourself. We'd love to make your next companion a Prairie Fire Pointer.